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Recommended ADHD Resources for Families

The final post in our series on ADHD and its impact on executive functioning skills is designed to provide you with a quick list of resources. These resources provide more in-depth information that can help you support those with ADHD in your family. Don't forget; if you would like more personal guidance on this topic, consider taking advantage of our ADHD Consultation Services. You can read more about that here: KS Services Now Offering ADHD Consultations


Here are a few websites with reputable and researched support. These sites are so full of information, it is helpful to use the search function to address specific questions or concerns you may have.

Another resource for visual learners and a great option for adolescents and older children is ADHD Comics ( This site uses comic strips and art to illustrate some of the ways ADHD can impact life. This light hearted approach provides humor and insight.

A great video resource library is How to ADHD on Youtube

This collection of short clips is designed to provide specific insight into various aspects of ADHD such as hyperfocus, difficulties with motivation, and executive functioning skills. Videos also provide easily applicable strategies to address areas of concern. This is a great resource to watch with teens and older children and then engage in conversation about their experiences with these topics as each person’s experience with ADHD is varied.


by Russell A. Barkley, PhD

This book is a more in-depth look at the neuroscience between ADHD while providing applicable strategies. If you like to know the WHAT, the WHY, and the HOW this book is a good choice.

by Russell A. Barkley, PhD

This is a companion to the previous book with a focus on ADHD in adults!

by Russell A. Barkley, PhD

This book is a much more condensed version of Taking Charge of ADHD. The explanations of why are there but the HOW is the focus. This is a much easier read with strategies that you can start applying immediately. *This is my number one recommended book if you need a place to start.*

This "Smart by Scattered" series by Peg Dawson, EdD, and Richard Guare, PhD, has some great insight into executive functioning skills in children and teens with ADHD.

by Peg Dawson, EdD, and Richard Guare, PhD

by Richard Guare, PhD, Peg Dawson, EdD, and Colin Guard

by Daniel J. Siegel, MD, and Tina Payne Bryson, PhD

The Whole-Brain Child should be recommended reading FOR ALL parents - regardless of neurodivergence. It has great insight into how a child’s mind works, developmentally appropriate expectations for children, and strategies on how to appropriately

engage your kids and teens in conversations that are helpful and productive.

Not an ADHD specific book but incredible information on the way a child’s mind works.


ADDitude: ADHD Experts Podcast

This podcast is a recreation of ADDitude expert webinars. There are many topics to choose from and are presented by reputable speakers.

CHADD also hosts a podcast available here

We hope these resources will serve you while you navigate life with ADHD. If you would like more information or support, please reach out to KS Services at, and we will be happy to work with you.

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