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KS Services Hosting CONNECT: May Mini Session for Teens Girls

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

KS Services' Resident in Counseling, Laura Waller, has been busy this May hosting CONNECT: an outdoor mini focus group for teen girls focused on learning how the body and brain connect when we need emotional and physical care.

In their first focus group session, Laura and the teens focused on identifying feelings and implementing self compassion. Each participant made a Coping Skills Cup to help them practice the following week. Girls were also given a laminated Feelings Wheel to carry in their purse, pocket, or backpack to help identify and express their feelings to others.

KS Services is so excited about this new opportunity to support teen mental health in our local community!

If you have any questions or interest in a group similar to this hosted for tween girls or tween/teen boys, please contact KS Services at


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