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Trauma-Informed Practices for the Classroom and Beyond

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Trauma-Informed Practice: Find the right strategies and tools to support students who experience trauma.

Studies show that 46-75% of children experience trauma, often resulting in depression, anxiety, and challenging behavior as well as long-term physical and mental health issues. Today’s educators, counselors, and clinicians need the right strategies to help. 

We are excited to share today a resource that will be valuable for people that work with children in all capacities and help you find the right strategies and tools to support students who experience trauma.

cover image of a book titled trauma infomred practices for the classroom and beyond. Teal background with a teen girl sitting holding a phone in a school setting

Written by experts with years of experience working with children and teens exposed to adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), Trauma-Informed Practices for the Classroom and Beyond describes the most effective tools available and walks you through how to implement them with compassion and fidelity. Inside, you’ll find:

  • Detailed and easy-to-implement interventions that alleviate the effects of trauma, including mindfulness, journaling, restorative justice, and more

  • Trauma-informed practices to use with all students, regardless of their age or the duration or frequency of their trauma exposure

  • Ways educators can prepare their classrooms and schools to support students who experience ACEs

This how-to guide and its companion website with discussion points, recommended videos, and additional resources equips you with evidence-based techniques and instructions to support children and teens with ACEs and enhances your practice to better serve the students who need our help most.

I was asked to co-author this book due to my combination of experience in the classroom and the mental health field.  I highly value supporting our community in any way possible - providing accessible resources in a way that is equitable and applicable.  Working on this book allowed me to be a part of a wider support network, supporting teachers working with children and teens who have been exposed to trauma. 

Laura Waller, MS, LPC, NCC, ADHD-CCSP

Clinical Director of KS Services, LLC


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