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If/Then: An Interactive Guide for the Practice of Self-Compassion

Engaging in the act of self-compassion can seem challenging at first. While it is often easy to take care of others, taking care of our own needs can be counterintuitive. The goal of this graphic is to give you some quick ideas for being compassionate with yourself no matter what the situation. Remember that self-compassion is a practice and some of these ideas will work for you and some may not. This also provides an opportunity to practice self-compassion, reminding yourself that finding the appropriate means of self-soothing may take time and that is why we practice.

Click on then graphic below to access an interactive slide show to help you check in on your feelings.

If you have further questions about what it means to practice self-compassion, do not hesitate to contact KS Services, LLC, via email. We are here for you!

Laura Waller, MS

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