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Alternatives to Screen Time

a girl with headphones on looking at a tablet device

Do your kids often complain of being bored and say, "I have nothing to do"? Over time, this can drain a parent's energy and patience, leading to more screen time as an easy solution. In today's world, children's lives are heavily influenced by screens—be it for social connections, school assignments, or video games with peers. While screens are an integral part of modern life, it's crucial to remember that limiting screen time is vital for children's social-emotional health and brain development. However, kids do need support in finding alternative activities since reaching for a screen has become their norm.

At KS Services, we understand the challenges parents face in keeping their children entertained and engaged without resorting to screens. To assist you, we have created a handy two-page printable guide filled with a variety of activities!
images of the download with alternatives to screen time - indoor and outdoor activites are on the left and individual and group activities are on the right

The first page offers ideas sorted by indoor and outdoor activities, perfect for any weather or setting. The second page categorizes activities into group and individual options, ensuring your children (or you!) have choices whether they are alone or with friends. This guide aims to provide a range of fun and stimulating alternatives that will help reduce screen time and encourage creativity and social interaction.

We invite you to download our printable guide and post it in your home for easy reference. By having a go-to list of engaging activities, you can help your children develop healthier habits and reduce their reliance on screens. Click the link below to get your free copy and start exploring new ways to keep your kids entertained and active!


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