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A New Year For Passion, Purpose and Pushing Past Discomforts!

As 2024 begins, it brings an opportunity to ask ourselves thought-provoking questions!  What are the things in life that I am passionate about? Is what I am currently engaging in providing purpose in my life? Am I willing to push into a place of discomfort to explore the journey I am intended to be on?

The KS Services team was recently given an opportunity to reflect on these types of questions in an experiential way.  As the Owner and Clinical Director,  I asked my staff to block off their calendars for a five hour period of time and to dress athletically.  I did not provide the team with any other information about what they would be doing or where they would be going.  Over the next two months, I received lots of leading questions from each clinician and staff member, trying to figure out what I might have in store.  I provided no answers.  Each staff member experienced a moment of surprise when we ended up going indoor skydiving!!!!

Refusing to provide details and information was purposeful. I wanted my staff to experience the anticipation of the unknown and the feelings that followed.  I wanted my staff to really understand what it felt like to be asked to show up for something when you have no idea what to expect.  This is often what it is like for someone to show up for their first counseling session.  Sometimes counseling is an individual choice; sometimes it is mandated by a parent or the legal system, and sometimes a spouse places an ultimatum. But in all of these situations, there are unknowns, and these unknowns can lead to a variety of feelings and thoughts.  I wanted my staff to be reminded of these feelings and thoughts. I wanted each clinician to be able to intimately empathize with clients and to be reminded of their own thoughts and feelings leading up to our group experiential activity.

As our team moves into 2024, we continue to work to provide quality care.  We continue to engage in our passion to support each individual's and couple's journey.  We continue to  partner with clients to push into discomfort in order to find purpose and passion in life. I pray that the experience of our team exercise is a gentle reminder of the difficulty of taking the step into counseling as well as the life changing benefits counseling can have.

If you or someone you love is having a difficult time and needs someone who can empathize and journey with you please reach out to KS Services for genuine partnership and support!  May each person have the courage to seek passion and purpose daily while pressing into discomforts along the way.

Director and Clinical Supervisor of KS Services, LLC


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