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About Susannah Volkers, MA

Therapy Intern of KS Services, LLC

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Born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii, Susannah is in her final year of obtaining a Master’s Degree in Biblical Counseling at Dallas Theological Seminary (DC Campus). Susannah is actively pursuing a professional counseling license (LPC) in Virginia and DC, and is under the supervision of Lauran Thomas, LPC. Susannah’s specialty and passion is integrated, faith-based approach to counseling that emphasizes gospel truths.  

Susannah’s background in a wide variety of contexts allow her to empathetically approach various life challenges, stressors, and suffering. She has lived overseas in Shanghai and Beijing, China, as well as has firsthand experience with teenage-international adoption. She is proficient in speaking Mandarin Chinese. Furthermore, Susannah’s prior career in corporate sales allow her to understand balancing professional and personal development, managing multiple stressors, meeting deadlines, and time management. 

When it comes to an approach to counseling, Susannah utilizes Christian convictions to

guide her clients to forward and sustainable change. She has experience in working with clients with adoption, grief and loss, identity issues, life transitions, eating issues, chronic illness, depression, and trauma. She is a certified and trained facilitator in Relate Strong Marital Therapy, a marital counseling program designed to improve marriage and relationship skills. She is available to counsel individuals—8 years and up—as well as couples and families. She is a member of Northern Virginia Licensed Professional Counseling(NVLPC), and Christian Association for Psychological Studies(CAPS). She hopes to partner with you in a way that provides joyful, effective, and holistic care and counseling. 


In her spare time, Susannah loves spending quality time with her husband Cody, especially outdoors. They are actively involved in their church, as well as enjoy hospitality, hiking, and traveling. 


Susannah is currently accepting new clients. The best way to contact Susannah is to email her at Please reach out with any questions or to set up an appointment. 

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