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Development and the Impact of Age on Behavior

As we continue our focus on parenting, we want to be sure you have some practical and applicable tips for your use. Information is great but we are all busy and need a little help with taking information and making it work on a daily basis. We recently posted about authoritative parenting (check that out here) and the idea of quality versus quantity time. Part of spending quality time as a family is knowing what your children are interested in.

In order to know what your children would label “quality time,” complete this family interest inventory together. Each person fills in their column, rating each activity on a scale. The document will automatically calculate which activities rank highest for your family! Easy peasy done!

You may be surprised at what your children (and maybe even spouse) would find most interesting. Directions for completing the interactive form are at the top. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out.

Laura Waller, MS

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