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Join a Group

A safe, supportive environment where
therapeutic work is done together

Group therapy provides an opportunity for clients to engage in a unique therapeutic space where individuals who are likely experiencing similar circumstances come together for various purposes.  Groups may be psychotherapeutic, psychoeducational or support groups depending upon the goals and format of the group.  KS Services, LLC works to create an environment in each group setting where members of the group feel supported and safe to explore a variety of topics together in a way that benefits all members involved.  The following guidelines help to create that environment. 

Confidentiality in a Group Setting - Limitations & Expecations

While confidentiality and trust are an important part of the group process, confidentiality in a group setting cannot be guaranteed. While the clinician leading the group is bound legally and ethically to maintain confidentiality, group members are not bound by the same professional codes. Groups work best when there is open and honest communication among members and that is achieved when all members feel safe and protected. Group members will be advised on how to maintain confidentiality for their peers. However, confidentiality cannot be absolutely guaranteed due to the nature of the group setting. As with individual therapy, confidentiality will be broken if there is clinician concern that a client is a danger to themselves or others. If a client in a group is working with an individual therapist within the KS Services practice or with a clinician at another practice, a release of information must be signed for the group facilitator to connect with the client’s individual therapist. 


Group therapy is most beneficial when a client is attending consistently. It is expected that clients attend regularly.  If a client is unable to attend, it is helpful for the clinician to be notified ahead of time via email. Please know that our open groups are run by semester, and payment is expected in full at time of registration. Refunds for missed group sessions are not provided.


Payment is varied depending upon the group format.  Psychotherapy and psychoeducational groups are run on a semester calendar.  Clients will enroll for the full semester as outlined by the group dates.  All payment is expected at time of enrollment. Each enrollment cost will include the payment for the number of sessions indicated as well as one extra session to be used as a phone intake for each group member. Clients enrolling after the initial start date of the open group will be prorated for the amount of sessions remaining including an intake.


Payment for support groups is made at time of services. These groups are provided on an as-needed basis. Clients will be charged immediately following the group session. If clients do not attend, their card will not be charged.

If you are unsure of what type of group you are attending and need more guidance on payment for a particular group, please reach out, and the Clinical Director will answer specific questions.

Intake and Withdrawal

A thirty-minute phone intake will be required for all psychotherapy groups. The intake provides an opportunity for the lead clinician to assess appropriate group placement for each individual wishing to join a group at KS Services. Group therapy is a beneficial part of the therapeutic process, but success largely depends upon the appropriateness of each group for the client. If the facilitating clinician finds that a client has been placed in a group that is not therapeutically appropriate, the client will be asked to pause the group and follow other clinicical recommendations.  At that time, any sessions not attended will be fully refunded.  

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