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Client Testimonials


"Lauran not only helped me through a very stressful time in my life, but helped me think through and process a number of underlying issues about how and why I react to things the way I do.  I was very reluctant to go to a counselor because I'm a very intelligent person who can solve most problems.  It turns out I needed help to solve me.  I'm still a work in progress, but am light years ahead of where I was thanks to Lauran.  I'm better with my wife, my kids, my work, and my view of myself.  She is a no nonsense, non-judgmental, and caring professional, and I can't recommend her highly enough.  Thank you, Lauran!"                                                  

-Male, Age 34

"Our family came to KS Services in crisis.  Lauran was willing to do whatever it took to work with our family. As a result of the counseling we received, we've seen tremendous progress in communication and understanding, and our family relationships have improved.  I would highly recommend her services to anyone struggling -- it's worth the investment of time and money!"

-Family with Teenage Girl

"After 30 years of marriage, we found ourselves broken and our marriage shattered. We needed help we couldn’t give ourselves. Lauran gave us the safe space and the language tools to put our hopes and fears into words. She listened patiently and offered communication skills and techniques for us to grow together as a couple. We are now honestly and openly communicating better than we ever have in our marriage, and we’re having fun doing it!"                                        

 -​Female, Age 52 and Male, Age 55


I want to thank Lauran for sharing her spiritual gifts with our family! The impact she made is huge! She is without a doubt a God-send. He knew when He led us to Lauran that we needed a therapist who is compassionate, attentive, and trustworthy. Someone who is flexible, doesn’t pass judgment, and cannot only speak “teen” but “adult,” too. It is a true joy to experience God’s healing and power to change hearts. Our family is so grateful for her and the contributions Lauran has made in our daughter’s rebirth/transformation. Lauran is sharing the incredible gift of herself with others. And she makes a difference! “The earth is full of the goodness (Lauran) of the Lord.” Psalm 33:5

-Family Therapy and Individual, Adult, and Teen Therapy Summer 2020

Every time we receive orders to PCS I ask God to place people in my life that HE would want there. He did that with Lauran, and I think I must have thanked Him 100 times already for putting her in my life. She challenged me and inspired me to be the best version of me, and it shows. I am a better mom, wife, friend, and follower of Christ because of the time we shared together. Now that I am moving, I look forward to working together further virtually.

-Female Military Spouse Summer 2020

Lauran has taught me so much! I am so blessed to have met her. I am so thankful for the impact she has had on my growth.

-Female Client Fall 2020

Seminars & Workshops

I honestly was skeptical, but this was better than anything I could have expected!

-Teen girl who attended mother-daughter retreat

I’ll take away listening to empathize not just reply. 61 days of reframing ahead. God bless!

-Female, Age 38 who attended communication in marriage seminar


Speaker was definitely very experienced & professional – enjoyed the workshop!

 -Male, Age 45 who attended anxiety & depression in teens workshop


I want to thank Lauran so much for equipping me through our partnership together this last year through KS Services, LLC. What a joy it is to know her and to have worked with her as we labored together to bring healing and the light of Christ to others. I’m so thankful for our hours of supervision together, our time in prayer together, and my gained experience walking with clients. Lauran invested in me and believed in me. As my time at KS Services, LLC, closes, I’m so excited to walk forward towards what I believe God is calling me to, and I look forward to staying in touch with Lauran in the future.

-Female Counseling Intern, Spring 2020

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